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Lake Information

Area - 2,225 acres

Maximum depth - 20 feet

Principal fisheries: Smallmouth bass, white perch, chain pickerel, largemouth bass,


North Pond, located in southern Somerset County, is a large headwater pond in the Belgrade Lakes system. The town of Smithfield is situated on the east shore. Primary access to North Pond is via a state-owned boat launch on Bog Stream. North Pond provides excellent habitat for warm water game fishes. Good fisheries for both largemouth and smallmouth bass are present in this shallow, weedy pond. Chain pickerel and white perch are abundant and offer good action for winter and summer anglers. Northern pike, which were illegally introduced to the Belgrade lakes several years ago, are now present in North Pond. How the presence of this large, voracious predator will affect existing sport fishes is uncertain at this time. Brown trout are occasionally stocked when surpluses occur in the hatchery system. Brown trout from upstream East Pond, where they have been routinely stocked, occasionally drop down into North Pond and become available to anglers there.'

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